Our skin changes as we age. You might notice wrinkles, age spots and dryness. Our skin also becomes thinner and collagen production slows making it less plump and smooth.

Aura Spa’s range of anti-aging facials combine targeted anti-aging products with techniques designed to slow the ageing process and reveal vibrant, younger looking skin.

Is your skin sensitive? Looking to avoid the redness and itching when it flares up? We have a selection of facials to prevent and also correct it when it happens.

Acne is a common skin condition that affects most people at some point. The good news is that it is usually treatable. You may need a combination of treatments over several months to clear it. Inflamed acne needs to be treated early to prevent scarring. Once the spots are gone, you may need maintenance treatments for several years to keep it away.

For advanced acne treatments please visit the Medi Spa area of our website.

Uneven skin tone is a beauty bane affecting millions. Extra facial pigmentation and the associated changes in skin tone and texture are a familiar and tell tale sign of skin aging.

These facials will treat uneven skin tone to restore a more youthful complexion.

To treat advanced pigmentation and sun induced age spots please visit the medi-spa area of our website where you will find treatments such as IPL Laser that quickly and effectively treats pigmentation.