Acne is the most common skin condition with almost 85% of us experiencing it at some point in our lives. It can be a great source of psychological and emotional distress for those that suffer.

What causes acne?

The sebaceous (oil-producing) glands of people who get acne are particularly sensitive to normal blood levels of certain hormones, which are present in both men and women. These cause the glands to produce an excess of oil. At the same time, the dead skin cells lining the pores are not shed properly and clog up the follicles. These two effects result in a build up of oil, producing blackheads (where a darkened plug of oil and dead skin is visible) and whiteheads.

The acne bacterium (known as Propionibacterium acnes) lives on everyone’s skin, usually causing no problems, but in those prone to acne, the build-up of oil creates an ideal environment in which these bacteria can multiply. This triggers inflammation and the formation of red or pus-filled spots.

The good news is we see phenomenal results when treating acne, it’s incredibly rewarding restoring an individuals confidence. A combination of treatments such as IPL Laser, LED Light Therapy, HydraFacial and Peels along with essential home care works wonders for our clients.

What treatments are available for acne?

Dermalux LED


Is Clinical Skin Treatments

Laser Genesis Treatment



EXO|E Plant Exosome skincare